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Magnolia Sieboldii

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This spreading vase shaped smaller tree 12-20' has white nodding tulip shaped bloom with showy red-purple stamens and peppermint fragrance.The stalks, young leaves, young twigs and young buds are downy. The leaves are elliptical to ovate-oblong, 9-16 cm (rarely 25 cm) long and 4-10 cm (rarely 12 cm) broad, with a 1.5-4.5 cm span unlike the better-known spring flowering Magnolias, sieboldii open primarily in the early summer, but continue intermittently until late summer. They are pendulous, cup-shaped, 7-10 cm diameter, and have 6-12 span, the outer three smaller, the rest larger, and pure white; the carpel are greenish and the stamens reddish-purple or greenish-white.

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